Products & Services

Hanover Payment Systems offers professional and reliable services, custom-tailored to meet your specific needs. We offer in-depth consultations to understand your goals and current situation, as well as to craft a long-term solution that is right for you.  We would be happy to provide you with more details about our company and what we can do for you. Contact us at 732-797-2574 or use our contact form.

Through First Data Merchant Services, we are able to bring you exciting new products designed to help you, the merchant, make the most of your POS system.  Whether you use a cash register and  credit card machine combination such as the new FD130, PAX S80, CloverStation, Flex or Mini, virtual PC terminal, computer-based Point-of-Sale System,  mobile payments or e-commerce gateway, we have  pricing and a solutions to meet your needs.


In addition, Hanover Payment Systems provides 24/7 helpdesk access thru First Data as well as the personal touch that direct personal service can offer.  We know our merchants and are here to help.


Our product lines include:


- CloverR Go - the mobile payment solution that makes your smart phone a handheld payment


-Clover Mini, Mobile & Flex - All these devices provide a smaller profile than the Clover Station with the same functionality.  All can run as a basice credit card terminal, or run the Pro Regidter Software of the Clover Station, or the scaled down register basic program. All can run on both Wifi as well as 3G technology.  Mobile & Flex are batery operated for extremely portable use such as line-busing or pay at the table.  


- Gift Cards - graduate from the paper gift certificate with these customizable gift cards.  Keep track of what you have out on the street and what gets redeemed.  Get tool for incentive sales and to keep customers coming back.


- TeleCheck - need to take the traditional check but want the ability to electronically deposit and lower your risk of bounced funds, this could be the soution for you!

- Firstdata Payeezy E-commerce Gateway - an internet-based payment solution that includes a virtual terminal, connect pay, API for popular shopping carts and an emulation feature.

-TransArmor - card number tokenization for added data security thru your POS system. click here for details

CloverStation - this is a new and exciting cloud and app based POS system.  It's power is limited only by the ability to create an "app for that"! Inventory, employee scheduling, Quickbooks integration, mobile ordering are just a few of the add-ons available to this powerful POS system made for Firstdata!  Add a Clover Mini as a customer facing solution for your Station and/or a Clover Flex as a great line busting tool or wireless, portable handheld solution.

Clover Mini - this steamlined version of the Station is perfect where space is premium.  It can run the full Pro-Register program as the Station, a lite register program or a a basic terminal.  In addition, tether the Mini to the back of either the station or mini to give a customer side view of transactions.

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